Thomas C. Knox

Date:Nov 27, 2012

Thomas C. Knox – Date While You Wait


Thomas C. Knox is a Connection Curator, Social Entrepreneur and Thought Leader. However, you may know him from his company Date While You Wait.  As the founder of Date While You Wait, he has developed innovative ways to inspire and connect with people from all walks of life. He has been interviewed by “The New York Times”, CNN, “Huffington Post”, and CBS just to name a few. Thomas has been invited to several countries and colleges all around the world to speak about the importance of communication and human interactions.


During his program, Thomas will introduce students to the “3C’s” of Human Connection (Courage, Confidence, and Communication). The “3 C’s” are a roadmap to creating and developing great conversations and human connection. The program will give students the tools needed to have an open dialogue and do so with an overwhelming sense of self-knowledge and self-worth. Each word represents an important part of the overall journey. Thomas shares his own personal story and explains how these 3 words changed his life. By taking a deeper dive into each word Thomas leaves students inspired, with a better understanding of connecting and how it can be used in daily life.

Thomas also presents activities during the day, showcasing each word without actually using the words. This gives students the ability to see the relation during the keynote presentation. The goal of this program is to show students who they are and give them the inspiration to strive for their goals and dreams.  Students will leave knowing their story matters. Everybody has a story and they all matter.

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