Tania Katan

Tania Katan – Performer, Speaker, Artivist, Survivor

Women’s History – Breast Cancer Awareness – “Edutainment” – LGBTQ – National Coming Out Day

“When we see women differently, we see the world differently!” -Tania Katan


Tania Katan is an award-winning author, dynamic performer, and everyday disrupter who believes in storytelling at all costs! Katan has performed her stories at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ACT Seattle, NPR Snap Judgment, Comedy Central Stage, TEDx, and more. Her performances, published work, and disruptions have been written about in the New York Times, Huffington Post, GLAMOUR, TIME, and other publications. Formerly a Curator of Performing and Literary Arts at a contemporary art museum, Katan made the audacious leap into technology and is currently the Curator of Code at Axosoft, because every rock star company needs a punk!


Every Superhero Has an Origin, What’s YOUR Story?
As the instigator of the viral meme “It was never a dress,” Tania is working for Axosoft to change the face of women in technology and beyond! As a cape-wearing badass, Katan continues to challenge women to embrace their inner cape and wear it proudly by engaging in everyday disruptions, storytelling, and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

With wit, courage and gusto Tania’s performance-style lectures are just as dynamic and funny as she is. Whether she’s tackling breast cancer with guts and honesty, or showing the power of everyday activism, Katan uses humor to point out injustices and create a new framework for seeing the ordinary as extraordinary!


My One-Night Stand With Cancer:  “This book rocks! It’s passionate, playful, and downright beautiful.” – Melissa Etheridge

“This woman will probably change the way you look at signs for the women’s bathroom forever.” – BuzzFeed

“…now that I’ve seen this, I’m hooked. I’d also like a cape that says #feminist, please. It feels like something Beyoncé would wear.” – Cosmopolitan

“My One-Night Stand With Cancer is one of the best cancer memoir’s I have ever read. I love Tania’s warmth, her raunch, her spit-in-your-face honesty. Any woman who has been diagnosed will recognize Katan as the real deal.” – Library Journal (Star Review)

“With her crisp script and knack for storytelling, Katan has given us permission to laugh at her trials as we view before us not a cancer survivor, but a woman who has decided to grab life by the horns and ride that smelly bull –this is the magic of the play, this is the strength of Ms. Katan.” – Antonio Miniño, theatre review, The Happiest Medium

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