Ir-Rev. Katherine Silvan

Ir-Rev. Katherine Silvan– Interfaith Minister and Performing Artist

Religious Acceptance – Diversity – Community Engagement – Grief Processing


Katherine Gray Silvan is an ordained Interfaith Minister and a licensed Master of Social Work who educates, empowers and ministers to people of all faiths. Katherine has been to India, Nepal, Africa, China and Europe and studied extensively to understand the nature of suffering, religious tension and the etiology of our collective belief that we are separate. Her personal mission is to be a force of unity in the world and to share the message that all people of all faiths are united under one divine principle: Love; and the paths that lead to Love are limitless. Katherine combines her skills as a Hospice spiritual counselor, minister, actor, and public speaker of fifteen years to create a dynamic, innovative lecture experience.


Many Translations

The Reverend Katherine Silvan’s Many Translations is a fast paced, thought provoking, and intriguingly entertaining lecture that forces listeners to dig into their own beliefs and biases to confront the roots of intolerance. Citing everything from Descartes to Mother Teresa, from the Bible to the Torah to the Quran, Silvan targets the thoughts, associations, and beliefs that we derive our fundamental personalities from, and challenges listeners to examine them for what they are. She encourages her audience to take advantage of the neuroplasticity of their brains; to let them be the authors of their own beliefs, and rewrite the programming that their upbringing, their families, and society has drilled into them. Interfaith is her solution—embracing a personal commitment to be a force for love in the world, and to change the world by first changing yourself. An excerpt from the lecture, which we were fortunate enough to shoot, is above. Enjoy it, be entertained, and enlightened!


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