Rachel Marco-Havens

Date:May 28, 2013

Rachel Marco-Havens– Artist, Activator, Storyteller

Women’s Leadership  – Community Engagement — Environment — Community Building— Cultural Competency — Youth Leadership— Personal Narrative – Creative Writing  – Self-Expression — Leadership —Orientation — Social Justice — Social Movement Organizing —Storytelling —

Rachel Marco-Havens is a multiplatform “solutionary” artist, performer, community activator, Facilitator and Storyteller. She jumped onto the fast moving merry-go-round of this movement in response to an emergency effort to protect the her community’s water from a corporate water grab. On the heels of that unprecedented success, she has been working to bridge the intersections within the environmental, social and spiritual justice movements in her own region and beyond. As well as Rachel sits on the Advisory Board of the Center For Earth Ethics and was recently appointed as a Representative for Wittenberg Center focusing on Indigenous and Environmental issues at the United Nations.

With a strong focus on Women’s Leadership, Youth Empowerment and bridging intergenerational connections, Rachel inspires us to connect the silos of social, environmental and spiritual justice movements. Fostering the expansion of young leaders wherever she travels, she also works closely with youth driven activation, including The International Indigenous Youth Council and Earth Guardians’ New York Chapters .

Performances and Workshops:

Touching on difficult subjects, serious topics and always including humor, Rachel’s presence and offerings are unique and specific to the topic context and audience of each event.

The “Anti-Keynote”—being an interactive method she prefers—connects personal narrative, song, story and conversation.

Taking Local Action For Global Regeneration.

In a time when we feel a responsibility to take action in just about every direction we look, the old adage, “World Peace Begins At Home” could not ring truer.  When we stand at the end of a pipeline, we are connected to the source of the oil or gas that runs through it. When we give up that bottled water habit, we relieve the source from which they are filled. When we help a neighbor, a family member, states away, feels the relief.

Highlighting actions we can take in our local communities to assist in the regeneration of wider systems, Rachel has an uncanny way of helping us to see the potential to reverberate beyond borders and the confines of our local environment.

Hopping On The Merry Go Round

An overwhelm to the senses, it is almost impossible to imagine how one person’s drop of effort in the ocean of disfunction could make a difference. But it can.

The way we come to  any work determines how effective we will be. Rachel facilitates a lively interactive discussion, bringing concrete examples, best practices and anecdotes to assist anyone in finding their place in and adding to the momentum of the vibrant and growing movement. Participants will leave with tools for taking concrete action in their campus/community.

Protecting Our Waters

This conversation or workshop highlights best practices, methods and process of thwarting big water business.

Rachel went from Family Organizer to Community Organizer when her community’s water became a target for a major national bottling company. In an unprecedented win, a collaboration of people, grassroots organizations and community spirit were able to thwart the tapping of 1.75 million gallons per day from a small lake in Woodstock, NY. Rachel will discuss her part in the process, and will help participants to find and use their voice in the protection of their water.

Exploring Identity

This conversation touches on the many emotions we face, finding our identity within our skin, the movement and social and environmental protection.

The recent push back in Native country, regarding the Dakota access pipeline has opened many eyes to what is happening here and around the world. This discussion begins a conversation about the not so quiet indigenous storm of connection, intention, and inspiration rising out of the very turmoil that stirred the thunder.

Indigenous communities know this story well, while the results of corporate colonization seems new to others. Choosing evolution over revolution means moving back to ways of the earth and simplifying how we live.

As a woman of mixed race, including Carribean, Shinnicock, Blackfoot, Arapoho, Dutch and Croatian, Rachel has spent most of her life dancing around indigeneity, finding her place in the race conversation, and now the social and environmental justice movements. She shares her personal journey in discovering that we are all indigenous to the land we came from. In this discussion, Rachel uses poetry, stories and song to inspire a discussion about Native Exoticism, connecting to indigenous roots and reconnecting with the Earth. This conversation can go many places depending on engagement of participants.

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Stop Working For The Man!

Is it really a “Man’s World”? If that is so, it is only because we have all been working for “The Man” for too long and we’ve gotten used to the rhetoric. The natural occurrence in a cluster of women, is processing creating supporting and generating. Gossip and competition is HIStory. Let’s topple the systems that oppress women, by joining together in collaboration with other women, to protect ourselves, each other and the regeneration of life on this planet.

In this interactive workshop

  • We will discover ways to uplift each other and foster connection and inclusion
  • Explore how we treat ourselves, how women in our society are treated, and how those patterns correspond with how we treat the earth. From extractive industry to the federal government’s interference in the care of our physical health, male dominated societal norms have shaped how we see ourselves. Lets explore how we change that narrative.
  • Exercises in finding the balance supporting our sisters in coming together so we can support and be supported by our male counterparts in this work.

Participants will leave this discussion with tools to continue to assess your relationship to yourself, to others and closer to finding your place within the collective regeneration of our planet.

Youth Leadership Now!

(Inquire about an intergenerational panel and or workshop, including youth leaders from within the US and Canada)

Young people are leading the charge on Environmental, Social, and Racial Justice movements around the globe. Because young minds access tradition and examples set by their elders in new ways, it is imperative that we include the youth in important global conversations. Implementing the innovation of new ways depends on intergenerational collaboration.

Interactive Workshops and Trainings

Using the tools below, we can take a more intimate look at any of the topics above, in a workshop setting.

Workshops often include:

  • Breakout Groups
  • Discussion
  • Freewriting
  • Movement
  • Art Engagement


“Just wanted to thank you for recommending Rachel Marco-Havens.  She is AMAZING and a wonderful blessing to have here.  Rachel brought people together with activation, healing, inspiration, and wisdom – invaluable at the Workshop and the Roundtable. Thank you!” -Robin Brown/Academic Administrative Assistant, Women’s and Gender Studies Program/Denison University


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