Culture of Consent

Date:May 29, 2014

“Culture of Consent”   Join the Movement to End Sexual Violence

Sexual Assault Awareness — Violence Prevention — Healthy Relationships – Loving Kindness

It’s time to end the sexual assault crisis.
Look, intimacy can be confusing! Not only is our internal process full of questions about self-confidence, relationships, pregnancy, body image, social status, gender identity, shame, and (hopefully) the role of love…
Now add in the bombardment of messages from friends, family, co-workers, teams, clubs, TV, movies, video games, advertising, and millions of hours of online content…
It’s a crazy amount to process! But we’ve got to start somewhere.

Until we become aware of what influences our values, it’s impossible to make informed decisions.

There are some truly awful decisions being made in statistically epidemic numbers.
Literally millions of our people across the country are being subjected to life-crushing trauma.

We can end it.

Culture of Consent is a keynote performance that blends storytelling and spoken-word poetry into a narrative that

  • carefully addresses these challenging truths
  • looks at the historical Movement to End Sexual Violence dating back to the Reconstruction era
  • surveys potentially confusing influences
  • addresses the role of privilege
  • and – most importantly – it empowers participants with strategies for establishing a Culture of Consent within their communities.


It’s actually not as hard as you might think… the main ingredient for producing huge results and lasting change? Participation.

I would love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and invite everyone in your community to join the Movement

It’s time, don’t you think?




The New Landscape: Consent Ed for Educators

With the emergence of youth “hook up culture”, students across the country are engaging in increasingly promiscuous behaviors. Driven by

  • inadequate sex education standards
  • the reluctance of parents to discuss sex
  • misleading portrayals of sexuality in mass media

…the cultural landscape is dangerously confusing for young minds.

The New Landscape empowers educators by exploring the impact of these influences, providing a vocabulary for discussing gender identity, body image, and proven strategies for preventing sexual violence. Educators being well versed in the principles of consent is critical for contributing to the social health of our communities.

Join the growing movement of survivors, advocates, and service organizations working to end the campus rape epidemic. Together we can build a Culture of Consent!


Check Your Male! How Men Can Help Create a Culture of Consent

Let’s upgrade the conversation about sex and consent! Exploring the impact of societal expectations, inadequate education, and mass media on how we perceive sexual relationships, Check Your Male! takes a candid look at how men can become advocates for ending sexual assault in their communities.

Participants experience:

  • An engaging, solutions-focused presentation tackling male identity and the ongoing crisis of “rape culture”
  • A series of strategies for men to proactively prevent sexual assault
  • An interactive Q&A discussion to jump start critical conversations about moving towards a more open, empathetic, and just community

This isn’t a lecture, so much as a detailed invitation for men to recognize their power and privilege as resources for helping build a healthier sexual environment.




graham-hackettGraham Hackett draws from a deep personal history of supporting women in his family and community who’ve experienced abuse. As an educator, he also spent years working youth service organizations like Outward Bound, the YMCA, and closely with juvenile inmates in a maximum-security detention facility, designing a program to provide young men with observation and communication skills to better understand themselves and relate to their circumstances.

The son of a Viet Nam Veteran and a Hippie nomad, Graham’s heightened cultural awareness comes naturally. Exploring the value of art for personal empowerment and social uplift, he’s traveled extensively across the US (and briefly abroad) to serve urban, rural, affluent, and disadvantaged communities with enriching arts experiences and educational opportunities.

Featured on NPR, at the Bonnaroo and Lake Eden Arts Festivals, and countless other events, Graham creates traditional and innovative arts experiences for personal empowerment and social uplift.




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