Anthony Ward

Date:Nov 28, 2010

Anthony Ward – Gay Improvisational Floral Sculptor and Dancer

LGBTQ – Diversity –  National Coming Out Day – Performance – Special Events – Self Expression


Anthony Ward began his work as an Artist in residence at the Omega Institute, where for 12 years he made unique floral offerings for their weekly workshops including offerings for Madonna and Dr. Maya Angelou who coined his art “floral sculpting.” His work took a turn towards a more spiritual aspect of artistry after creating for Ram Dass and His Holiness the Dali Lama. His work was further influence through relationships with author Alice Walker, and artists Alex and Allyson Grey. Those experiences helped to shape the idea that he wanted to create work to honor those and co-create with those who are working to uplift the vibration on our troubled planet.

Anthony was invited to join Bobby McFerrin onstage at the San Francisco Jazz Festival, improvising movement and building a 14 ft. tall floral sculpture of flowers, autumn leaves, and lemons on a stem. After witnessing this performance, Michael Franti said “I was in tears the whole time you guys were on stage. You must do this with my band Spearhead.” Since then, Anthony has performed with countless musicians and at many festivals including Ziggy Marley and Sound Tribe Sector 9, connecting with young people seeking to open their hearts and minds.


Lecture/Performance: With Flowers

In this captivating, beautiful, and inspiring program, Anthony tells his story of coming out in a very traditionally based military family. He relates his experience from initial rejection to acceptance with his family and himself. He describes his life journey towards discovering what it means to be a man who is openly gay and respected as a human being, sharing his art and his love to help raise the way humanity sees itself. His lecture concludes with a performance of movement, music and flowers that will leave a lasting memory, and encourage all who experience it, to follow their heart and be their self.


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