Aly Sun Panichi MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Aly Sun Panichi MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Powerful Music Therapist, Vocalist, Songwriter and Healer

It is with great sadness that we discontinue the programs of this spirit filled light worker. Beloved by many and an inspiration to all who were touched by her heart, Aly Sun transitioned from this earth in February 2015.

While, we at Conscious Campus are mourning the  loss of a very dear friend, we work to honor her inspiration by aspiring to, more and more, live in the celebration of life and prayer and giving of our fullest heart in every moment. 

In memorializing the work that she was so very passionate about, we request that you take a moment to honor Aly Sun by making a pledge to be what you want to see in the world…

Tell more people you love them, often! Help everyone, especially strangers! Sing with passion and dance wildly! Laugh out loud and don’t take things too serious! Have compassion for ALL life and celebrate it! Give thanks and praises, always! Never stop believing that Peace Will Prevail On Earth! 


Aly Sun is a Board Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, vocalist, and songwriter with a passion for the power of music. Aly has experience working with children with special needs, including autism, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and various emotional and behavioral issues. She also works extensively with the HIV+ population as well as Senior Citizens living with progressive dementia and other mental health issues.

Aly has an extensive resume as a performing artist, including tours across the United States, Central America, Europe and North Africa. She spent many years as a featured solo artist for the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series and has performed numerous times at the United Nations. Aly believes that if you have a beating heart then you are able to connect to the power of music. She is on a mission to help others accept, allow and advance their own authentic voice!


RAISE YOUR VOICE~ Songs of Freedom!
A Black Heritage Experience

In this exciting, interactive presentation participants will learn about the power of the voice as a tool for liberation by exploring the encoded songs of the Underground Railroad. The role of song and the empowered voice in the civil rights movement will also be presented. Activities will include vocal empowerment techniques, singing, and songwriting- giving participants a chance to create their own personal song of freedom.
RAISE YOUR VOICE~ Take Back the Night
This workshop style experience will focus on the awakening of the voice silenced by trauma, abuse and sexual violence. Vocal music therapy has been clinically shown to be an effective intervention in healing from trauma, giving survivors a chance to be heard, to experience a cathartic and creative liberation. The empowered voice can also be an essential tool in self-advocacy, and heightening awareness as means of prevention of further abuse.

RAISE YOUR VOICE~ Women’s HerStory
Through the lens of acclaimed female songwriters across generations, participants will have a chance to experience the power of the female voice. This will be a musical journey through songs by women, for women, which have been essential to the movement of women’s rights and have given voice to a myriad of women’s issues.

RAISE YOUR VOICE~ SILENCE = DEATH/ An HIV Prevention Presentation
According to the CDC, young people ages 13- 29 accounted for 39% of all new HIV infections in 2009. Meanwhile this age bracket only accounts for 21% of the US population. These statistics are staggering, and demonstrate a lack of awareness in today’s youth about the risks of transmission of HIV.

Aly has nearly 10 years of experience working in the field of HIV prevention & service in New York City, and will bring the vital message of HIV prevention to light in a multi-media experience that is sobering, but still creative and fun!

RAISE YOUR VOICE~Music Therapy Fundamentals for Teachers, Social Workers & Caregivers off all kinds!
Music Therapy is a wildly growing field, and the benefits for multiple populations have been well documented. This is an experiential workshop for students who are preparing for educational, social service or caregiver fields who are interested in exploring how they can incorporate music therapy interventions into their practice. Through active music making, music listening and rhythm activities participants can learn basic concepts of wellness facilitation, skill acquisition and development, authentic expression for themselves and the people they serve.