Kane Smego

Kane Smego – Award Winning Spoken Word Poet and Activist

Spoken Word – Conflict Resolution – Community Engagement – Self-Expression


Kane “Novakane” Smego is a nationally-recognized spoken word poet and Artistic Director of Sacrificial Poets whose dynamic workshops explore the power of stories and voice as tools for self-transformation, non-violent resistance, and community engagement. Immediately following the popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt in January 2010, Kane recorded the stories of the young people driving these powerful movements, teamed up with two other young poets and a film-maker and created the multimedia project “Poetic Portraits of a Revolution”.


Kane’s performances are individualized, depending on the theme and context of the event. They can range from serious issues to light humor and cover topics from social commentary to introspection.

Education – Writing and Performance Workshops:

Through the use of the spoken and written word, the YouTh ink. curriculum helps participants “find their voice” through a focus on exploring identity, understanding the historical context and power of the oral tradition, and using poetry as a tool for therapy and healing, community engagement, conflict resolution, and non-violent resistance.


Kane presents on a number of topics that include “Poetry is our Weapon: How Youth Voices are Changing the World”, “The Art of Personal Stories: Humanizing the News, Journalism, and History”, “Who I Really Am: Spoken Word and Constructing Identity”, and “Metaphor and Medicine: Poetry as Therapy and Introspective Healing.” He also explores art as a tool for community engagement and activism, as well as knowledge acquisition and information transmission.

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