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At Conscious Campus our mission is to provide inspiring programs that build social and cultural awareness, foster community and promote greater acceptance and respect.

10690129_849642265107287_1561825305868594635_nIn the wake of a devastating earthquake in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal is struggling to care for the thousands of people who were injured, find their love ones who are still missing and restore their homes and communities. The aftershocks have been very strong, and people are afraid to enter buildings.  With the death toll above 4000 and rising, there is a long way to go to even begin restoration. Food, water are running out,  medical supplies are sparse and help is desperately needed from outside. Please take a look at the list of charitable organizations compiled by Lions Roar. These are by no means the only places to donate, but a good start.

Donating to a trusted Monastery is a very good way to make a direct donation, as the monasteries are caring for their communities, many operate medical clinics as part of their community support. Our prayers and love go out to the region. Om Mani Padme Hung

About Conscious Campus

Greg Bura founded Conscious Campus in 2012, with the intention of creating a company that would help make a positive difference on the planet both socially and environmentally. After over 20 years in the business, Greg realized that most Colleges and Universities needed to address these concerns too, and drew on the relationships he had forged to assemble Conscious Campus’s dynamic roster that addresses these issues in creative, engaging, and memorable ways.

The Conscious Campus team has experience not only in sales, but also in higher education administration and event planning. Kerrie Wolf-Piechota has a M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education and spent over 10 years working in Student Activities and Orientation. Rachel Marco-Havens brings years of Event Coordination, Marketing and PR, Social Networking and Music Industry experience. In addition to her work with Conscious Campus, Rachel is a creative entrepreneur with a lifetime in alternative wellness and Dharma Study.